My name is Christopher. I’ve been a Christian since the age of five. God has blessed me with the gift to play the piano since the age of eleven. As a child I would listen to my father play his guitar and occasionally he would figure out melodies on the piano, but his main gift was the guitar playing. God has given me the ability to listen to a song and then duplicate it on the piano without reading sheet music, I’m not able to read sheet music and play simultaneously. Although I can play by Chord Sheet music (lyrics and chords) and then I just improv the rest of what I do.

I’ve been playing piano for 26 years now and God has continued to bless me with this gift more each time I play. I have played in churches in NJ and Indiana. I was the Music Ministry Director for two local churches in the Jersey shore area.

God has blessed with such a great gift as this and my goal is to bring Him Glory in return by ministering to others through the music I play. I would love the opportunity to play in churches around the country and reach as many people as possible with my Music Ministry.

God Bless.
Christopher (88 Fingers)


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