A simple word consisting of five letters, yet it holds great power and great possibilities.  The lack of this little word in a person’s life can cause complete chaos and destruction.

Have you ever considered how often Trust plays an important role in just about everything you have or will experience in life?

See, recently God has made it known to me that Trust is extremely important and unfortunately has been difficult for me throughout my life.  As we go through our childhood and teenage years, we are bombarded with different situations and most of the time we have no control over how others may have treated us or the way that a particular situation had turned out. 

The way in which we handle those times can be a powerful experience in our lives…Good or Bad.  If we are not careful about how we deal with the feeling of being betrayed in a situation or by another person, we might wind up carrying that around in our hearts for a very long time.  When we allow that to happen it badly affects everything else in our lives, especially relationships, not only personal or professional, but also our relationship with God.

In the Bible, God says that we are to have faith when we come before Him with our requests in prayer.  Faith that He will hear our prayers and answer them according to His Will.  How strong can your faith in God be if it’s difficult for you to Trust?

The Bible also says that (among other things)…Love Trusts.  Can your love for God or even another person here on Earth be complete without Trust?

Yes, I know…Trusting another person means the risk of being betrayed again.  However, if we are to grow in our relationships here on Earth and with our Father in Heaven, then we need to start Trusting again.  You never have to worry about placing your Trust in God, He Never fails.

If Trust is something that is difficult for you at times as it is me, I encourage you to pray and ask The Lord to heal that part of your heart that has remained broken for so long and to give you the ability once again to Trust.  Believe that God will hear you and heal you, believe that you will be able to Trust again and not keep a distance between you and another person because you are afraid of being betrayed again.  Most importantly, once Jesus mends and restores your heart and you regain the ability to Trust…You will find that your relationship with Him will only get better every day.  You will also find that it is easier to go through life each day Trusting in God to watch over you and to take care of everything you need….He Does…He always will…if you Trust and have faith in Him to do it.

If anything that I have written here has struck a nerve with you, know that you are not alone…I’m there too.  God will always be there waiting for us to come to Him and hold us in His loving arms.

Take Care.

To God Be The Glory!

In His Love,

Christopher (88 Fingers)


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